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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that there may be questions about the moving process, whether it be residential or commercial. Hop To It Movers is committed to making the move as easy for you as possible. Below, we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions. If you don’t see the answer you are looking for, simply call us at 780-893-4811.

Will my carpet and hardwood floors be protected?

Absolutely! We take pride in what we do and we have the skilled professionals to ensure they pay attention to their surroundings. Some of the ways we protect flooring is by providing floor runners on all of the floors. This helps to protect not only against dirt, but also any potential damage.

Is there anything you can’t move?

Unfortunately, there are some things that we cannot help you move. This includes propane tanks, aerosol cans, air fresheners, flammable liquids, gasoline, and various other hazardous materials. This is not because we don’t want to help you. However, there are certain laws that prevent us from moving certain items. For a complete list, please visit:

Will my furniture be protected?

We do our very best in order to protect all furniture. We utilize heavy-duty quilted blankets, which are wrapped around furniture. We also use shrink wrap as an additional method of protection. Our movers also use shoulder harness straps as well as padded dollies to prevent any kind of damage to your furniture as we move it on and off of the truck as well as during transport.

Will you help me pack?

 Sure! We understand that time may not be on your side, and therefore we offer professional packing services. Our professional movers will be happy to visit your location, whether it is your home or your business, a few days before the move. Please call us at 780-893-4811 for a personalized packing quote.

What if it rains?

We cannot control the weather. However, we will always honor our moving commitments. This may cause us to go a little slower due to the weather, though we will take precautions in order to guard all of your belongings as well as your floors and carpeting.

Do I tip the movers?

Tipping is not required. However, if the movers do a good job for you, you can offer them gratuity as a thank you.

Give us a call at (780) 893-4811 or email so we can clear up any other questions or concerns.